20+ Effective Free Marketing Ideas, Techniques and Strategies To Get Traffic To Your Website

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Published on September 10, 2016

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In this video I give many effective free marketing ideas that work to bring traffic to your website. Additionally, these free marketing ideas not only bring traffic, but most of these free marketing ideas bring high quality, targeted traffic that then converts into customers.

On my business and marketing apps, I have been helping to create great marketing plans for many people. And most people ask for free marketing ideas first. So over time, I have accumulated a great number of free marketing techniques and strategies that are effective at bringing high quality, targeted traffic to your website.

Most entrepreneurs ask about free marketing ideas to promote their business. There are many free marketing ideas. But the problem is that when things are free, they get crowded really quickly because everyone is trying the free marketing strategies first. So it is important to pursue free marketing ideas (or any marketing ideas for that matter) that work, and with a strong strategy so that you can be competitive in a very crowded environment. So always inquire about the success of those free marketing ideas before you spend time (which is money) implementing them.

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Here are some examples of free marketing ideas and strategies: YouTube, Quora, Twitter/Facebook, create and host events, create a blog to promote your business, network and get other people to help spread the word, etc. There are many more free marketing ideas you can get from this video, so you will have to watch! 🙂

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