Acifin Network Scam (AcifinNetwork): BroadBandTV Affiliate YouTube Partners

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Published on September 10, 2016

The Acifin Network (AcifinNetwork) uses scare tactics to threaten their partners with lawyers forcing some of them to stay silent about their scams and unfair business practices within the MCN (Multi-channel Network called BroadBandTV). This is not a video saying BroadBandTV is a scam. I believe that BroadbandTV is a reputable network. I merely created this video to spread awareness about how the Acifin Network operates and treats their partners. It's my hope that BroadBandTV will closer investigate the activities of the networks operating under them, such as Acifin. There are also nice subnetworks that currently operate within Acifin – I have personally spoken to some people who manage them and they are very genuine people. it's just a shame that they may face the same trouble I have. Some of them have already been threatened with lawyers by Acifin because they started to speak up about their bad network.

At this point in time, the Acifin network has blocked me on Twitter and has discontinued all communication with me. However, they are all but happy to take their money from me because they are refusing to unlink my channel. I hope potential partners looking at the Acifin network will decide against joining this petty network. It's my wish that this video not be monetized but Acifin doesn't seem to give me the option to turn off monetization. I guess it's normal when you partner with networks. Anyway, Acifin can kiss my ass.

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