Amazon Affiliate Marketing: 4 Simple Criteria for Product Selecting

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Published on September 10, 2016

Do you want to start making money off Amazon for very little work? Once you build a website for Amazon affiliate links, how do you know what products to choose? Here’s a simple overview of how you can pick the absolute best products so you can start collecting profit!

The first thing that you should look for is a more expensive or high-end product; it should cost at least $100. Amazon pays you a small percentage on each sale, so it follows that a more expensive product means more commissions for you! Big-ticket items can sell just as easily as cheaper products, so don’t be afraid of the cost. Make sure that the product is selling well, either by checking the Amazon Best Seller list, or by checking for at least 30 reviews.

You’ll want your product to have high ratings. 3-star products are acceptable, but 4 or more stars are best. People don’t want to buy products with poor ratings. You’ll also want your product to have lots of related products, in a well-populated niche. This helps you find more products to review, and increases the odds that your customer will spend more money!

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