Best affiliate marketing programs – Local pay per call advertising networks.

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Published on September 10, 2016

This video is about choosing the best affiliate marketing network that can help you and provide all the resources you need. I picked this network as they isn't that much competition in what you can promote and you can find high paying programs to promote.

It also has a UK version you can promote which I personally am starting to advertise for.In this video i show you programs like find a DUI lawyer offers this network lets you promote where I haven't found any like this on the internet.

This is a video that last around 3 minutes just let in sink about the profits you could possibly making with not much effort as it would take to promote an offer like Google sniper where every internet marketer is promoting and trying to get commissions from.

This is local lead generation at its best .

If an offer expires and you still have a ranked property all you have to do is go in and change the number and direct it to an actual local business in that area and start charging them on a weekly basis.

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