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Published on September 10, 2016

Using the Product Style WordPress Plugin to create customized Commission Junction affiliate advertisements.

Product Style Amazon WordPress Plugin for Affiliates

Although the Product Style WordPress Plugin is designed for fast ad creation through the API system for Amazon affiliates, it is also capable of being used to manually create ads for other networks like

This video demonstrates how to use this plugin to create affiliate ads for the Commission Junction network. These ads can be used on their own or combined into product comparison charts to be inserted into WordPress posts and pages. Product comparison charts even allow for ads from multiple networks to be combined into a single chart for the ultimate in product comparison review.

The first step to creating a ad with this plugin is to create the product information that will be shown with the advertisement. This can be any type of information that the affiliate wants to tell their site visitors viewing the ad. In most situations, this is an excellent place to give a brief description of the product features and possibly even show the price.

When the product information is complete, the actual Commission Junction affiliate ad can be created. The vendor product id is supplied here for the product that is being promoted.

A variety of other options are available that can change the way the ad works or looks. One of these options, the Ad Style, controls the overall design of the ad. Default Ad Styles can be used or new ones can be created without any programming or web design knowledge so the ad will fit the look of any website.

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