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Published on September 10, 2016
Hello and welcome to video number ten.


You have reached the end of this video course!

In this specific video, I want to show you how to set up an affiliate program on Jvzoo, and how to utilize affiliate contests, and affiliate resources to boost your affiliate generated income.

Now before I show you the "how's" and how to do it, and how to implement this — I want to talk about a few things.

Obviously by now, you should understand why you need an affiliate program.

But for some of you — you might be thinking "well, why should I give away 50% or even 75% commissions to somebody else?"

Well the bottom line is simple, because if you give away a certain percentage of commissions, when affiliates promote your product — it's not taking a lot of your time; it's not taking money; they are taking time and money to promote your product.

And if you think about it, especially an intangible products on, like videos, ebooks, pdf's, reports, and so forth.

You don't have to invest time into reproducing each and every one of them.

So, why affiliate program? Because you'll make more money!

And if you're still in the mindset of why — then you need to get out of that mindset and out of the ego mindset that your product is — is definitely valuable and you might be thinking "well, why should I give it away for 50% to somebody else?"

Because they're generating income for you. In the end, you make more money.

And giving higher commissions usually will get more affiliates on board. Giving at least is the standard for intangible products, for affiliates to be happy.

Now affiliates obviously will be happier if your product converts higher, and I'm going to talk about a few things in just a minute about conversions. When you launch a product on Jvzoo, they are going to show you overall, your conversion rates.

So people can see your overall conversion rate.

So if you're getting affiliates that are sending, let's say 1000 people to your product, but only one is converting — then your conversions will drop and it'll actually be lousy.

So you want to make sure that you have a high converting program first, and then if that's the case, then give people higher commissions.

You can also do it in a manner where you can give certain affiliates higher commissions for bringing in more customers.

So definitely want to make your affiliates happy and make them feel valued and reward them if they are bringing a lot of sales to your product.

And Jvzoo helps make your affiliates happy, because it's all about instant payments.

At the point of sale, your affiliates get paid.

And then if there is a refund, then the beauty as a vender is — its instant refunds.

So when things are refunded, it takes it out of the affiliate account, it takes it out of your business partners account, and from your account.

So it makes your life easy and the affiliate's life easy.

So how can we provide affiliates with all the tools necessary to promote?

And I'll talk a little bit about that in the future slides, but you definitely want to provide affiliates with the proper tools — like email solo ads if you can, videos, promotional videos, educational demo, educational promotional videos and so forth, webinars and so forth.

So if you provide affiliates with the necessary tools, and it makes it easier for them to promote, then they're going to be spending all this time promoting your product and you're going to get better conversions.

So let's talk about your affiliate programs conversion rate.

So like I said earlier, you have affiliates that are promoting your product.

If some affiliates are getting a higher conversion rate, and some are getting — let's say a zero conversion rate or even your competitors joined, you approve them without knowing, and they've sent you lousy traffic.

One thing that I've learned that you can do is to simply ban that affiliate.

If that affiliate is sending trash traffic — it's going to ruin your conversions, and then the future affiliates that come along and look at your product, don't want to promote your product because you have a lousy conversion.

So that's one way to go about keeping your affiliate conversions high.

Now let's talk about affiliate contests.

What I've found with affiliate contests is people like fame and money.

People like money and they do like — especially when they win a contest; if they can win a contest, then they'll say "hey! You know I've got a high converting list" and so forth.

It gives them power, and so forth.

And prizes could include money, helping them, solo ads, cross-sell their products to their thank you page, and more.