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Published on September 19, 2016

►Download the eBook for free at:

My free eBook, NoMoreBS: An Honest Approach to Affiliate Marketing is a very quick, 25-page read that will pinpoint exactly what you're doing wrong in affiliate marketing within an hour of downloading it — and as I already mentioned it's completely free.

If you want a clear step-by-step for building your affiliate marketing business, if you're trying to get a reasonable understanding of what you need to put into or what you can expect to get out of your business, if you're interested in knowing the "Golden Rules" of being an affiliate marketer, and much, much more then I wrote this free 25-page eBook specifically with you in mind.

So if you haven't already found the free download page, click the link on your screen now. In an hour you can have a much clearer understanding of the affiliate marketing industry and what you need to do to become a successful affiliate — all for free.

So go download the book and let me know if you find it helpful. My name is Ian from and I'm doing my best to provide free, honest advice and training to make sure people like you never get ripped off again. Until next time, stay safe out there and I'll talk to you soon. is a trade name of Pribyl Ventures, LLC, a limited liability company organized in Texas.