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Published on September 10, 2016

Commission Junction is a little more difficult to get used to than Clickbank, but with a little bit of practice you’ll be able to whiz around it in no time!

To get started with Commission Junction, go to the homepage at and click on Get Started.

Commission Junction calls affiliates “publishers”; to become a publisher, click on the Publisher image, which should highlight in blue. Then, to begin the signup process, click on ‘Get Started Now’

On the next page select “I do not have a CJ Publisher account, and wish to sign up”

Now you are in the signup form! Select your language, country and the currency you wish to use and click ‘next’.

Be aware that the currency you select is the one shown when using CJ – e.g. checking out commissions, viewing your income, etc, and doesn’t have an effect on which currency you get paid in. However, make sure you’ve selected the correct currency since this cannot be changed later.

You must then read through Commission Junction’s Publisher Service Agreement. Make sure you agree with their terms and conditions, their code of conduct, and their privacy policy.

Also be aware that you must be over 18 to sign up for CJ, and authorized to act on behalf of a company if you are signing up as a company.

Now you get to enter the useful information! Here you must put in details about your website. If you have more than one website, just enter the details of your best or most prominent website – you can add information about the other’s later

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