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Published on September 10, 2016

Sign up as an Izmoweb affiliate on Commission Junction (CJ) here – https://signup.cj.com/member/signup/publisher.cj?cid=4675299

Review the Izmoweb Affiliate Marketing Program here – https://www.izmoweb.com/affiliates-en-us.htm

Check out Izmoweb here – http://bit.ly/22lSG0E

Check out the businesses that Izmoweb serves here – http://bit.ly/1NGSt5A

Check out the parent company, Izmo Inc. here – http://www.izmoinc.com/

Check out Izmocars here – http://www.izmocars.com/

Check out Izmomedia here – http://www.izmomedia.com/

Izmoweb has a great affiliate program running that offers between $45 – $90/ monthly and $100 – $200/ Year per Conversion. Further, with cookies running for as long as 120 days, you have ample time between referrals clicking on your website and actually going ahead with a purchase on Izmoweb.

The USP or unique value that Izmoweb offers is the ability to be online within minutes, with a beautiful, pre-structured / pre-designed website that is customized for your business / industry. On top of that, pricing is very reasonable $100 monthly or $1,000 annually. If you can highlight these two points well in your marketing campaign, conversions are very likely to be quite high.

Remember that with most other web design entities, the whole process of going online with your own business website is long drawn and cumbersome. With Izmoweb, things are just the opposite. Again, if you can highlight this well in your marketing campaign, you are sure to do well as an Izmoweb affiliate.


+ Unique Value Proposition
Nothing else like it

+Easiest to Purchase and Use
Great demo experience, nothing sells easier. Cookies expire after 120 days

+Respected Brand
Thousands of sites sold globally since 2002

+High Payouts
Between $45 – $90/ monthly and $100 – $200/ Year per Conversion

+Great Collateral
An impressive array of banners, short form, and long form content, all carefully designed to drive conversions