Make a Website for Affiliate Marketing Part 4 of 11

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Published on September 10, 2016

An affiliate network, at its root level is an impartial third-party that acts on behalf of both you and a good or service manufacturer. They charge a percentage of the total sale or fee in order to help, automate or perform one or more of the following…
– Product directory
– Balance accrual
– Payment to affiliates (wire transfers, checks, PayPal, etc.)- Collect and escrow fee payments from manufacturers
– Annual tax data collection on each side
– Affiliate recruiting
– Product promotion
– Detailed commission reporting
There are hundreds of affiliate networks out there and here is a record of some of the most used:
1. Affiliate.com2. Share A Sale3. Skimlinks4. CJ Commission Junction5. Plimus6. One Network Direct7. Clickbank8. Profits King Media

9. Neverblue10. Amazon11. Ebay12. LinkshareThe main idea to think about when selecting an affiliate application is whether or not they'll pay you once you have done the work to boost them to the public. Copeac and Azoogle to name some.
So perhaps the most important idea to think about is whether or not they will take business when it's time to pay you, but closely behind that may be whether or not they pay their affiliates. Whichever the network you ultimately determine on, Google them and see what people must say about them. You should be aweary of the man that says, "I never got my $40 dollars". That individual is probably being their own affiliate to buy one product, not developping a business to generate day-to-day income in their lives.
So let's talk about a few of the networks that individuals have experience with…
Clickbank is an affiliate network in the place where they offer mainly digital products. Most new merchandise originators will publish their very first merchandise on ClickBank.

Because it's free to add your merchandise there and they've hardly any limitations for adding new merchandises.
I say this with a little reservation though. Since 2009 for representing affiliate products and the more stringent FTC guidelines, the process is becoming a little more rigorous. Not too much from a view of what types of goods are let, but mainly so you have the right disclosures in place to shield Clickbank.
Often as high as 75% (the limit).
John and I seen the ClickBank Exchange in NYC in August. Most everything you have to know about selecting an affiliate merchandise can be found online, while it was a whole lot of interesting. There are many affiliates there to meet with and sell to the idea of promoting you, if you're promoting a product.
Commission Junction focuses more on physical products and services. It Is publisher base (producers) is made up of firms like Verizon, Sears, and Medifast. Like big firms would they have big marketing funds and manage their affiliate systems. There's room for practically anyone on their network, but it is pricey. CJ is used by many makers because their specialty is a payout on a CPA or Cost Per Acquisition basis. is excellent since they give you a product for just about every market available. If they don't sell it, they represent a partner company that does. requires that you get approved to be a seller. I would suggest you first build out your eBay content sites (websites about X that will have eBay offers) before you seek website approval. Build the website so all you have left will be to add the eBay hyperlinks. As soon as you are approved you'll be able to include links as you assemble your sites.
Simply list your websites that take eBay sort products, when applying to be approved. This isn't going to give them any reason for a NO determination in your application.
CPA Offers
Due to CJ's fee construction, CPA offers are extremely popular on this network.
Where Clickbank takes approximately 8.25% of whole sale, CJ earns 30% of what you may pay your CJ affiliates.
If you compared them side by side, that would have been a 15% commission. However, you can't really compare them that way as they are a cost per acquisition or CPA network, not straight affiliate commission based.

Thus a firm would benefit to cover an affiliate $30 per signal till a service which sells for $12 per month, or $144 annually. If they were on Clickbank and paid 50% of the annual sale, that would run $72 to producer.
If they instead used CJ, they could pay $30 to the affiliate and $10 (30%) to CJ for a net total of only $40 dollars, considerably less than the $72.