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Published on September 10, 2016

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In this video I explain what is marketing in 3 different ways that are all connected.

1) I explain what is marketing for the day to day business owner. The typical business owner does not need to look at what is marketing in any deep way. To the typical business owner (myself included) marketing is all about getting clients for my business. The more marketing I do, the more clients and revenue I get. That is as far as I as a business owner need to answer the question of what is marketing.

2) I explain what is marketing in a more holistic and sound way that people should really follow. The more holistic way to look at what is marketing is by considering that if you provide an amazing product or service, your customers will recommend your business to their friends. And everything you do as a business increases or decreases the chance of whether your customers will or will not recommend your business to people they know.

3) I explain the economic roots of what is marketing and the genealogy of what is marketing so to speak. A market originates when one person has a need and another person has the solution for that need.

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And here is an article on what is local service marketing and how to do that right.

And of course, some great marketing resources on the web at http://www.moz.com and here is the Wikipedia page about marketing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketing

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