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Published on October 11, 2016
We are growing a large subscriber base using a Private Franchising business model and affiliate marketing programs. Online consumers have direct access to major corporations such as Sears, Best Buy, Office Depot, Barnes & Noble, Disney, Bass Pro, etc. Offline consumers shop via catalogs containing hundreds of major brand name items.
Independent Business Owners profit is derived in 4 ways:
1. IBO's save money by purchasing many items at cost.
2. IBO's have access to retail profit from the sales to a consumer.
3. IBO's receive a bonus ranging from 3%-28% based on total business volume.
4. Finally, an IBO can earn on-going income based on successfully helping to establish other profitable IBO's in the marketplace.

When someone purchases a Traditional Franchise ($150,000.00+), they are essentially buying a business model and a current subscriber base of customers. The company name has already established itself as a success in the marketplace and automatically has credibility. When you register as an IBO with a Private Franchise ($175.00), you gain credibility thru performance as a rep of the internet, the same way you would rep cellular phones, real estate, or mortgage banking. We provide high-touch to the high-tech marketing environment that so many companies are looking for and a comp plan that is second to none.

An IBO becomes a marketing affiliate for goods and services offered by a multitude of corporations both on and off the internet. Building this business is similar to staffing a traditional franchise (i.e. Starbucks) of 40-50 people. In this industry that relates to a Platinum business that will pay you $50-75,000 a year. Through the mentorship program of World Wide Group you will train and develop other IBO's to staff their own company consisting of 40-50 people and start creating residual income based on the size of their company which can exceed $100,000.00/yr.

We Are NOT looking to just explain this business model to more people. We are NOT looking to just register more people to shop online. We ARE looking for people that have ambition, desire and a dream…that want to improve their financial position by being part of a team and expanding this industry. That's it.