How Affiliate Marketing Works?

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Published on December 25, 2016
How Affiliate Marketing Works?
Maybe you have heard about Affiliate Marketing and how some people make money with this method. Let me tell you that this article will not be very long because it goes to a newbie in this area and we are going to explain the basic without too much technical information.

Advice: You might not finish reading this article, but it is important for me to tell you: “do not trust in programs which offer to make you rich overnight, you’ll make money without any effort and no experience required”. Run away if you see anyone of those offers.

Let’s go on.
The Affiliate Marketing operates as follows: imagine that John wants to sell cell phones and the price per cellphone is $50 for John to sell many of these phones will have to invest in advertising, invest a lot of time to the end may not sell the same amount as if he got help from some 1,000 extras sellers.

That is where the affiliate enters, John pays me Example: $ 10 per person I sent to him site and purchase him article, I earn 10 dollars for every phone sold and John has many people helping him sell their phones. Basically, this is how the market works affiliate.

1. Choose something you’re interested or a Passion: Everyone has a hobby or topic that fascinates and motivates us; this will be your first task, think about what you are passionate about and choose it. Let’s say you like to play tennis basketball, Air Jordan, for example, There are 2.8 billion people online and regardless of the topic you choose, you can be very successful online! You’ve chosen your passion!

2.Build a Website: You cannot imagine how easy it is to create a website in Wealthy Affiliate, in fact, Carson has a video in which he creates a Website in just 30 seconds, something basic, but the first lessons you’re ready to create your website.

3.Attract Visitors: Now you have your passion, you have a website, now we need to bring people interested in my product to my page, no customers, and no sales. The more people visit your website, the more sales you will have. In this step, you will learn how to rank in the top search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing

4.Earn Revenue: OK, is time to make some money!! Ok ok already learned to choose our market, we have our website and have people visiting it, now is the time to make money with Market Affiliate, which is basically referring to a possible buyer to the website of a seller, example Amazon has 21,449 type of basketball shoes, and you can earn commissions for promoting any one of them. And this is just one example to understand what’s Wealthy Affiliate is about.

Don’t Worry!!! no matter if you do not know anything about selling online, you do not know even how opening a Facebook account, at the end will give you a course totally free course, to learn as if you were at college.

If you are reading this article is because you want to make some extra money, unfortunately, if you’re desperate you will be easy prey for scammers, look at me straight in the face as I tell the truth: making money from home it is not as easy as they say, for next month you will not be earning much money, so don’t make ideas in your mind, you need to educate yourself first.

My advice is to educate yourself, learn everything it takes to make money from home with affiliate market be skeptical and not believe everything you see online. I waste 5 long years of my life, trying to find that kind of information. I waste my time and my money

My gift:

If you’re serious I have no more to give you than this valuable information for you begin to take training right now, my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free, don’t worry. Who will take you from newbie to an expert so you can start making money from home, plus that you will get two FREE websites for you to practice or to make some money, some, not a lot.

That said, it only remains to tell you if you need any help just let me know and I be more than happy to help you . My main problem is that I speak the truth and that can hurt, especially those who are hoping to hear that they will get rich for the following month JAJAJA

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