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Published on December 25, 2016

How does Affiliate Marketing work? This video is presented by Visit today to get a FREE internet marketing course.

In this video I explain:

How affiliate marketing works

An Individual refers a product to others and gets a commission of the percentage of sale.

Example: $100 product – 40% commission – $40 per sale

The process of an affiliate commission:

1) Ron likes DragonSpeak software (

2) Ron has told friends and loves the software

3) Decides to make a commission for telling friends and joins an affiliate program.

4) Starts a website ( or even a blog post and includes a special link to track when he refers traffic

5) If someone buys the product, Ron makes 20% ($16)

3 Rules of affiliate marketing that I live by

-Believe in the product. Your name and reputation are attached to it

-Be willing to answer questions about the product

-Make sure it is beneficial to your followers

Has affiliate marketing worked for you? Tell us about your experience.

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