How I Actually made Money with Affiliate Marketing

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Published on December 25, 2016

Working as an independent affiliate for many years, I know firsthand the positives and negatives of venturing out and trying to run a marketing–based business. The positives, of course, are the partnerships and affiliate deals with companies that pay me when I direct traffic to their websites that close deals. But the negatives, however, are the insane amount of backend expenses that have to be contended with in affiliate marketing.

Having several websites each with IT support, a payment and bookkeeping method, legal and compliance advice, and marketing connections not only cost money, but they are also cost something even more valuable than money – time.

I simply didn’t have time to manage the backend of all of my websites and create valuable content that benefited my readers and grew my audience. Through a basic web search, I found a company called TactiClicks that provides top–to–bottom backend affiliate marketing support.

What this means is, they handle all legal, advertising, banking, and branding aspects for affiliates. This is huge! Once I got onboard with TactiClicks, which only took a few days to setup, I already reduced my costs and had way more time to focus on what I do best – generate web traffic, which ultimately garners more money for myself.

Unequivocally, if it were not for TactiClicks, the profits I would be making as an affiliate would be nowhere near where they are today. It is a basic principle in business that whenever productivity can be increased, it should be done, and this is exactly the case with choosing to work with TactiClicks.

I saw an opportunity to reduce both the amount of money and time I had to spend as an affiliate marketer using TactiClicks and it behooved me to take it. As a matter of fact, I think it behooves all affiliates to take it. That’s why I want any and all affiliate marketers to know about it, because it change my life.

It allowed me to actually become profitable because I reduced my overhead expenses and allotted more time to content creation which generated more website traffic.

All talk of saving money aside, working with the trusted team of consummate professionals at TactiClicks put my mind at ease knowing the interests of my affiliate business were always their top priority. My time was saved, and quite frankly, my affiliate business was saved as well, so if you’re an affiliate marketer, it’s worth checking out