I went from Work at Home Affiliate to a Full blown Network in a Matter of Days

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Home Affiliate Network I went from Work at Home Affiliate to a Full blown Network in a Matter of Days
Published on December 25, 2016

Not too long ago, like many affiliates, I was struggling to grow and even maintain my business. That all changed overnight when I hired a company called TactiClicks.

You see, with traditional affiliate marketers, if the costs of doing everything yourself don’t get you, the time it takes to do everything yourself will certainly prove to be too much. Setting up connections with financial institutions, having a dedicated legal team, having the best IT support and technology available, and managing payments is simply too much for one person to tackle.

Even if affiliates who work at home are able to manage all of the components listed above, doing it on a level where serious money can be made is unrealistic without the help of a professional service.

This is where TactiClicks comes in. I spent more time on my own researching advertising compliance rules and regulations than I did setting up a full-blown affiliate network with TactiClicks. It took less than 48 hours from the time that I first made contact with TactiClicks to the time that I had a serious affiliate network!

I stopped using various payment and bookkeeping services that were costing me time and money every month, and I immediately made use of TactiClicks payment and accounting services. In addition to this, I now have full-time legal counsel on retainer with TactiClicks in addition to some of the best IT support and development services available.

Because I turned to TactiClicks to take care of all my services, I was able to spend more time growing my business and creating quality content to increase my traffic and internet reach. The best part about all of this is that it worked! I grew my business and simply increased my profitability.

Working with true professionals enabled me to reduce my costs and, arguably even more importantly, expand my affiliate network to a level that I never could have imagined. I now have over a dozen independent websites all directing traffic to financial institutions and online retailers, and TactiClicks takes care of everything else. All I have to do is keep pumping out good content, which I can now dedicate more time and money to, and this has demonstrably increased my readership and traffic, which therefore increases my overall profitability.

I don’t want to sound like I am selling or promoting the services of TactiClicks, because I am not, but what I am doing is simply making other affiliate marketers aware of what they are missing out on. TactiClicks was able to take my stay-at-home affiliate business to a new level, and I genuinely want others to have the same opportunity. To know more visit http://tacticlicks.com/

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