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Published on December 25, 2016

Hey guys, I had been tossing around this idea for the past few days and ultimately decided I have too much on my plate to start something new right now so figured I'd share this idea. Maybe you want to copy it or maybe it will provide you with some similar idea you can run with.

Similar to the idea I gave you guys the other week about making ASMR videos, this idea is basically using a police scanner, or police scanner app to essentially create your content.

My idea was to take a screencast of a picture of a police car and record the audio from a police scanner. I"ve seen some Youtube videos of police scanners on Youtube that get some decent views. I also noticed while some people have a few random police scanner videos up nobody has a channel totally devoted to police scanners.

Anyhow, my idea was to either record police scanners and post on Youtube or potentially you could even stream live. The scanner chatter creates all the content for you so all you have to do is literally hit record let it run for hours and then post the recording.

*** I would check the legality of doing this. From the little research I did this seems to be public domain and legal, however some states do have laws regarding the use and ownership of police scanners so you will want to double check on that.

You can monetize this idea A. with youtube monetized views, and B. drop affiliate links for people out there who may want to buy police scanners.

So what are your guys thoughts on this method? Chime in in the comments section below.