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Published on December 25, 2016

I’ve received so many messages with new people coming online that are overwhelmed and confused on how to get started on or offline in a small business. In this video, I discuss small business ideas based off of my personal 7+ years of experience with online affiliate marketing.

Before you even begin to research small business ideas its important that you create a vision for your brand and company. It doesn’t matter whether your selling toothbrushes, golfing gear, surfing products, or are a construction company its important to create your vision so you know where you are headed and recognize where you are at.

Affiliate marketing can be a “buzz” word that’s used around in the internet marketing space and is one of the most effective ways for someone to get started the right way online. Affiliate marketing is simply selling a product or service somebody else owns and earning a commission off of it. This is a great model because you don’t have to rely on your own ability to sell or tell as well as not needing to learn skills such as blogging, website design, funnel creation and copy.

As you grow in your business you can then begin selling your own products and services to the marketplace.

I mention many other small business ideas in the video but the primary reason why I focus on digital marketing is because there is an extremely low amount of overhead and there is no need to worry about customer service or product fulfillment.

Here is exactly what you need to do to get started the right way with a business NOW:

1) Answer the question: What is your passion? Find your passion and begin to construct a plan of action on how you can build a business around it. If you don’t have a passion the only way to find out is to begin taking action on something. The thing that you may not be passionate about at first could possibly be the one that changes your life!

2) Look around the internet and find affiliate programs that have products you can sell within your passion or niche.

3) Start with one vehicle of traffic and decide to become an expert at it and do it consistently for a long period of time.

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