The New Vemma Affiliate Marketing Business Model

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Published on December 25, 2016

Vemma CEO BK Boreyko recently made a bold change to the very foundation of the company, he and his sisters founded, by announcing Vemma's big switch to an affiliate marketing model. Vemma always has done things a bit differently than a typical MLM/network marketing company and prides itself on being different, to stand out from the rest. Vemma's goal is to become a household brand, so it only makes sense to be more like and less like Amway to give our potential customers and Affiliates a better, more modern and transparent description of how we do business. Some of the biggest changes include that now everyone who joins Vemma must first join as a customer, and there is now no requirement to personally purchase products in order to earn bonuses. Vemma also chose to move to an affiliate marketing model because it's more customer acquisition focused and aligns with its current standards: everyone is first a customer with zero sign-up costs! Customers can earn free products and product credits; Affiliates don't have to buy products to be paid; there are no renewal fees; and Affiliates have free, fully enabled ecommerce websites, free Back Office support, and the free mobile app capabilities to manage and promote their independent Vemma businesses. Great affiliate programs create win-win opportunities for everyone involved and therefore this business opportunity will now start growing even faster than ever before. Vemma is also now a member of the Performance Marketing Association (PMA), whose member companies include, Google and, just to name a few.