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Published on January 19, 2017

Register Link :
Login to your Bitcoin Affiliate Network account.
Then redirect to the Help tab then to Miner How-To page.
Open a new browser tab and login to your Bitcoin miner, in this example I use a Antminer S4.
Go to the pool configurations section of your miner.
For the pool we suggest you use the "geo" stratum's
Make sure you set the port appropriate to the hashing power of your miner.
Port 3333 for vardiff (default)
Port 3334 for maximum 512 difficulty (for slow miners less then 750 GH/s)
Port 3335 for fixed 2048 difficulty (recommended for S4 and Dragon miners)
Setting up a worker is as easy as putting your Bitcoin Affiliate Network username, a "." and the name you wish to give your worker.
For example in my case and in the video:
You can set any password for instance "x"
Settings backup pools/stratum's is something we highly recommend you doing in case a stratum server goes down your miner will switch over to the next closest stratum (if using the Geo tag).
Save your new pool settings on your miner (some times you have to click "save" button more then ones for it to take effect) and refer back to the Dashboard on Bitcoin Affiliate Network to see your new miner in the "worker information" table.

Join our online chat if you need direct help, one of the community members or staff will happily help sort your problems:
or alternatively
File a support ticket with us if needed via our ticket system:

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