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Published on February 20, 2017

In this video, we want to share with you some highlights from our recent trip to Maui, Hawaii for our company The Super Affiliate Network Maui Intensive Coaching & Mentoring Retreat.

Maui Intensive | Our Trip To Maui Hawaii

We stayed at the Destination Resorts in Elua Village. We spent the entire week with the CEO and our coach Misha Wilson learning all about building our own 7-Figure ecosystem on autopilot.

Unlike other internet marketing retreats where people put in thousands of dollars hoping to get value out of it and end up feeling empty we invested with the goal of learning all we can and we got tons upon tons of value.

Maui Intensive | About The Super Affiliate Network Maui Intensive

The Maui Intensive was created by Misha Wilson, CEO and founder of The Super Affiliate Network. The Super Affiliate Network is a top tier affiliate marketing system that can take a newbie marketer that is totally green all the way up to the struggling internet marketer and teach them what is working in making money online ethically and legally.

Not everyone is promised to be successful as we all know nothing is guaranteed but the results and testimonials are incredible starting with ours as we are the first and fastest growing internet marketing power couple to have pioneered the way for this company.

In a matter of 5 months, Anastacia Hauldridge and my partner Rich Guzman have earned over $60K+ just from learning and applying consistently what is taught within the system and The Solo Ad Success Formula.

So if you're curious if this is real, then come see it for yourself!

This is the best experience we have ever had on top of the intense affiliate marketing learning we enjoyed a few days extra for fun in the sun.

Our new goal now since coming back is to move to Maui, Hawaii

Aloha and Mahalo! 🙂

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