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Published on April 8, 2017

SWTE FORMULA by jeng cua

That your circle of influence need to be established?

I first learned this term "guanxi" a general Chinese term
used to describe "relationships" concept back when I
worked as an executive for 16 years in one of the top
snack food manufacturing company owned by a Filipino-Chinese
Businessman. At times, this Chinese term equal the term "networking."

The importance of your circle or what I call about 'relationship secret'
is your key needed to opening your opportunity door. Networking is
an engagement that requires positive behavior. You must be extremely
open to hear about what others are saying or sharing.

It's not about you, but about how well you incorporate yourself into
a discussion of your circles. Networking is both an art and a science.
But in the end — building relationship through networking should be a
rewarding approach to your advancement. The more you network with
people with a positive mindset – the more you will open your doors to opportunity.

In whatever business you do, it requires you to know-how to
network or build relationship. If you are strategic and view
networking through an opportunity outlet, it can serve as a
powerful professional development experience – it always
surprises me how confident people grow.

How Does Affiliate Network Marketing Benefits YOU

Affiliate Network Marketing is one of my SWTE (smart way to earn)
formula that I use to make money online.

If you're not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is a Pay
for Performance based marketing outlets where affiliates
like you and me, bloggers or website owners will be rewarded
for any sales you made for promoting a merchant's product, services or site.

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Jeng Cua
Jeng Cua (I love working from home)

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