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Published on April 16, 2017

Presentation done by Phil Morgan. Positive Revolution in San Diego, CA
888-385-6831. Direct Line.

Representing emerging growth companies.We build shareholder bases for public companies by standing them in front of massive amounts of investors searching for opportunity within this particular sector. Google doesnt lie.. If you do not have a marketing budget for this type of stock promotion- create one! We do not email blast or get your company involved in quick pumps- We work month to month- Standing our small clients in front of their largest competitors. We send hundreds of thousands of investors to public companies websites monthly- not a 3rd party stock promotional newsletter or email blast. Just watch the video..This video will show you exactly what we would do for you. This video will show you exactly how many people are searching for you- and this video will also show you what you need to do in order to get found and funded.

Say goodbye to lousy stock promotion. I promise you that this is an eye opener- This video will explain how we can bring in a massive amount of retail buying into your company without mentioning the stock. We make our clients money- Just ask them!

Phil Morgan
888-385-6831 Contextual Marketing and Promotional Strategies For Emerging Growth Ventures

Inbound Marketing To Attract Funding and Sales

Online strategist using positive content to drive investor and consumer traffic.

The ability to stretch the dollar and create visibility within ethical standards is what we do best. We have the tools, man-power and technology to push a massive amount of industry content in front of investors and in front of those that matter to your business.

Relevant Traffic and Leads to meet Business Objectives.

1. Developing capabilities for people to contact you online.
2. Build Trust and Credibility with potential investors through Online Reputation Management by replacing the negative content with positive content.
3. Generate awareness of your products or services- making our clients omnipresent online through videos, presentations, blogs, photos, articles, etc.
4. Provide fixed information to engage people for long term success.
5. Generate visibility with the relevant community. Anyone looking for similar services or investment opportunities should be able to find it.

Anyone looking for similar services or investment opportunities should be able to find it.

Creating and positioning positive content to address and prioritize the needs of multiple stakeholders is the best way to grow your company:
investors and industry analysts
sales people or channel partners
existing customers
prospective buyers
third party developers, suppliers, etc.

We are engaged in business acceleration and proprietary marketing strategies to major corporations within diverse industries. Our Marketing Process and Technology are unmatched in the industry. Our system is a process-centered, technology-enabled, performance-driven solution executed by our in-house editors, SEO specialists, project managers and engineers. All of these team members work in tandem with experts who possess particular technical industry experience.

Our consulting practice is built on trust, proven success, long-term relationships and referrals. We only select clients we know we can help succeed, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our services.

Positive Phil
#positivephil Investor/Consumer lead generation for emerging growth companies.
Our unique placements find investor audiences for your content while they’re actively looking for something to invest in.

Here's a breakdown of what you get…
Our Goal is to get your stock found by investors.

Investor Relations:

Digital PR
Investor Lead Generation
Social Media Lead Gen
Lead Arbitrage
Co-Reg Investor Leads
Tier 1,2 Investor NOBO Lists
Content Distribution
Copy writing
Press release writing / dissemination
Web site content
Multiple Call Room Options (Small, Medium, Large budgets)
Search Engine Optimization / Social Media Marketing
Web site creation / optimization / branding (Multi-lingual)
Corporate profile
Media Relations
Direct Mail
Audio / Video Interviews
Message Board Communications
Digital Media Investor Relations:
Optimization of company web site and custom landing page creation
Mobile advertising / applications available
Small / Mid Cap Funding:

Bridge Loans
Structured Equity Financing
Reverse Mergers


We use online strategies including pay per call and search engine optimization methods to help companies grow.

Interview By The Positive Phil Show Investor Marketing and Investor Awareness Agency, Specializing in Building shareholder and consumer bases using demand generation strategies that work..Revenue Marketing Pros

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