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Published on April 1, 2017

Shawn Collins, of, will be presenting each chapter of his book, Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants, for free via video.

Here are all of the chapter videos from the book:

Introduction to Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants –

Part I: What Affiliate Marketing Can Do for Your Business

1. What is Affiliate Marketing? –
2. The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing –
3. Become an Affiliate Yourself and Earn Income–BYEhU

Part II: Setting Up Your Affiliate Program

4. Step One – Planning Your Affiliate Program –
5. Step Two – Affiliate Manager Guide to Creative –
6. Step Three – Getting the Word Out –
7. Step Four – Choosing the Right Affiliates –
8. Step Five – Creating Your Affiliate Agreement –
9. Step Six – Tracking Your Affiliate Program –
10. Step Seven – Paying Your Affiliates –

Part III: Managing Your Affiliate Program

11. Managing Your Program –
12. Communicating with Your Affiliates –
13. Supporting Your Affiliates –

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