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Published on April 18, 2017

What is affiliate marketing?: 0:18

Overview of the Amazon affiliate program: 1:35

Overview of the ClickBank affiliate program: 4:01

Glance at the Walmart affiliate program: 6:32

Some tools required to succeed in affiliate marketing: 7:13

Hey all!

Hello everyone!

This post is mostly for the newcomers to the blog/videos. If you already know what affiliate marketing is, and what to do know more about the different tools that will help you succeed, check out these posts I have written for you already – What is ClickFunnels? What is ClickMagick? What is GetResponse?

In this post, I want to explain to you what affiliate marketing is, how you can profit from it, how to set it up, and some of the tools that may benefit you in your journey to success!

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a system of marketing whereby you market other people's products for a commission, ranging anywhere from 1% to close to 100% commission.

The businesses and programs that have this program simply want more customers for themselves… so they encourage you to find them more clients so that they can profit even more – paying you a small share in the process.

There are different affiliate marketing programs you can join, as most companies have it. In this post, I briefly go over Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and Walmart.

So on these websites, you can pick a product of your choice, copy the affiliate link generated for you, and paste that link wherever you want to advertise the product. If people click on the link and buy your product, you will make a commission!

Amazon Associates – This is one of the most popular affiliate networks because you can pretty much buy ANYTHING you like in here.

Like my videos? Here is a link to the equipment I use on Amazon – xxx.xxx.com. Like my hair color? Here is a link to the dye I used to dye it – xxx.xxb.com. So it is extremely broad. However, the commission paid is incredibly low, usually between 2-8%, depending on how much you sell.

The upside is that if people click on your link to your product but don't buy THAT PARTICULAR product and buy something else, you can still make a commission for the product that was bought.

Something I have heard is also that customers who click your link also have 30 days to buy a product on Amazon, at which point you will still be given a commission.

So even though commissions are low, Amazon Associates has some nice perks to go with their affiliate program.

ClickBank – This is one of my most favorite affiliate programs since not only are commissions incredibly high (between 60-75%), but if people buy a product on a recurring basis, I will make money every month.

The downside is that anyone can post their links to products here, assuming they have enough material and a solid sales page, so it is not as popular and well-known as Amazon, thus making your products harder to sell.

Walmart – I have not tried out this affiliate program, but I just wanted to show you that there is an affiliate program for literally any business you can think of with all of their different perks.

I would recommend you guys check out the different affiliate networks and find one that suits your preferences.

Now in order to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need a lot of testing and work put in. You need to have solid landing pages (I use ClickFunnels), good ads, great autoresponder e-mails (I use GetResponse), etc… you need to test out each element and determine what combination of those works best for your performance (using ClickMagick to test).

Stay tuned for future posts/videos where we delve deeper into affiliate marketing tools and help you succeed in the field!

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Link to Amazon Associates: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/
Link to ClickBank: www.clickbank.com
Link to Walmart Affiliate Program: https://affiliates.walmart.com/

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I will be covering GetResponse shortly in the upcoming videos to help you succeed at affiliate marketing!