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Published on May 17, 2017

Affiliate Marketing Books

Free Video Course: Download at the link above ^

00:00 Affiliate Marketing Books

00:02 This is a short video all about Affiliate Marketing Books, brought to you by me, Paul Scoplin of Get Spotted Online.
So, in this short video I'm going to talk to you briefly about Affiliate Marketing Books, what you need to look for when choosing an affiliate marketing book and some of the problems you may encounter.

00:20 Now, first of all you may go to a site such as Amazon or Ebay or any well known online bookstore to find a book about affiliate marketing.

00:30 You'll find literally hundreds of books available, but what I want to warn you of is that many of these books will actually be out of date.
The information does lose relevance as time goes by as things on the internet do change, such as search engine optimisation and so on.

00:48 The things you do need to look for with affiliate marketing information is that what's happened in the last year or so, so many people have come into affiliate marketing, it's made kind of so much competition for us as affiliate
marketers that it's becoming increasingly difficult to get a positive return on any money spent on traffic or SEO etcetera.

01:14 Because, literally, there's so much competition. The other problem we have as affiliate marketers is that we don't get paid on the back end in most cases.
So we'll get fifty or hundred percent of say a thirty seven dollar ebook, which is nice, you know, we're making a nice little commission if we sell enough
of them we can make a few hundred or maybe a couple of thousand dollars if we're very good at what we do.

01:37 But what we don't get paid on, which is where the product owners are laughing at us really, what we don't get paid on is the back end.
So if they're selling a course for say two thousand five hundred or five thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars, we don't actually get paid a commission on that, so we're
never really going to make any big money with affiliate marketing.

02:01 So the solution to that, is to go to the website you can see on screen, where you can download a free book on affiliate marketing and how you can overcome those 2 problems of increased competition and not getting paid on the back end.
you can find this site at and you can basically download the book immediately and it will tell you what you need to do to overcome these problems.

02:30 Save your money. Don't go to Amazon or Ebay, don't pay for any books. You know you're going to have to wait for them to come in the post (unless you use Kindle), it could take you a couple of days to read it… to be honest, the information is probably out of date before you've even read it.

02:45 So do yourself a favour. Go to this website – Income society dot info, download the ebook. You can read it in probably an hour or two and this will give you the information that you do need if you want to make great money as an affiliate marketer.

02:59 I went to this page about 3 months ago. I've already made about ten thousand dollars as a result of doing so, so I'll give you the site again – there is a link below the video – it's income society dot info and I wish you every success.

Cheers for now. I'm Paul Scoplin of Get Spotted Online.

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