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Published on May 2, 2017

How To Start An Online Business If You Have NO Money

This is perhaps the most often asked question that those
of us who teach "how to build an online business" get.

They want to know, "How can I do it without spending any
money, since I don't really have any to spare?"

Lots of people are attracted to the online marketplace
because of the low start-up costs.

There really is NO barrier to entry, which is why people
in even the poorest third-world countries are discovering
that the internet really does offer hope.

The truth is that there IS a cost.

You either invest in the right tools that offer a lot of
leverage, or you do a lot of the work manually.

Yes, there are sites and free tools that allow you to
shortcut that process some, but you still need to do the
research to discover those tools… and to painfully
learn which actually work, and which are just a waste of

I personally have spent 16 years learning a lot of the
internet marketing stuff, and no longer see a need to
learn every new tool or tactic that comes along…especially
since many of them are short-lived.

The best thing for you to do is to learn the basics, and
then diligently apply them.

To get started, if you are serious, but don't have a lot
to invest in your business, then here is what I

It's a 39-video course in ways to start and grow your
online business using free tools and resources.

Yes, I have personally gone through all of the videos.

I also personally know Paul Counts, Jeff Wellman and
Eric Holmlund, who created the course.

If you search through my pictures shared online, you'll
come across photos of me with each of them.

I feel like I've known Paul since he was in diapers 🙂

I knew Jeff's son, Keith, before Jeff first got started. In
fact, when Keith first started, he got is big nudge when
he attended a seminar that I spoke at in Denver… eons ago.

Keith learned internet marketing, then taught his father,
who put his unique spin on it.

What struck me about Jeff's approach to online marketing is
how down to earth, honest, and caring he is.

Jeff really is the salt of the earth, and seems to enjoy
sharing photos from his farm here on Facebook 🙂

I've known Eric forever, and love his very honest and
hype-free approach too. I've taken part in several large
projects, where the fact that he was involved, was the
decision-maker for me.

Check out the videos now:

What they teach absolutely, positively works.

You DO have to simply set aside the time to go through the
videos, and then DO what they teach.

That may require that you spend a little less time
procrastinating while hanging out on Facebook.

Yes, I resemble that remark 🙂

Go get the course:

It will no longer be available after July 8th!