How To Sell Affiliate Products FREE Video Course by Sarah Staar, A Review

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Published on May 2, 2017

How To Sell Affiliate Products – Free Video Course

Transcript For this video:
How to Sell Affiliate Products is a free course from Sarah Staar and this is my short review of the course. I'm going to basically tell you what's inside the course, show you on the screen what you'll be able to access and give you the low-down, basically.
My name's Paul Scoplin and I'm the founder of Get Spotted Online and I've been following Sarah for some time. I've bought many of her courses and I am making a nice income as a result.
This is my review of Sarah's latest product which is called "How to Sell Affiliate Products".
You can see on screen that it is a video course consisting of five videos. You also get downloads with the course and a mind-map which will help you to put things into action.
If you look up on the left you will see there are five videos and they are Niche research, finding products to promote, Free traffic, Facebook ad intro and Facebook pay per click.
The great thing about this course is that if you add up the length of the five videos it's about one hour and ten minutes, which means that you can probably get through the entire course in under two hours if you go through each video, take notes and digest everything that is mentioned in the course.
So it's not an incredibly long course, it's just a nice size. Personally I don't like some of these long courses that go on for hours and hours, you know, about eight hours of videos and most of it is fluff and filler. This course is concise and to the point, which is something that I like.
The course basically covers a lot of what is in Sarah's $197 Affiliate X course which has been very popular over the years and you can find my review of that course on this YouTube channel as well
So we'll just quickly go through the 5 modules. On screen you can see video 1 which is niche research. This gives you lots of good tips on where you can find good niches and also tells you which are good niches to go into such as health and wellness, relationships, money such as Internet marketing and forex, real estate, investing and so-on, personal development and passionate hobbies .
Now, those are the niches that Sarah recommends because they are proven to be niches in which people do spend money. You'll need to dig a bit deeper than that and find a sub-niche, but the tips are contained in module one.
Module and video two is all about finding products to promote, once you've found your sub-niche. It also goes into how to spy on competition and, you know, mimic already successful business models to give you a greater chance of success.

Video 3 of "How to sell affiliate products" is all about how to get free traffic, and how you can direct link to affiliate products, build an email list, post on forums and create product reviews from posts that you find on forums, as well as other free traffic methods.
Video 4 is an introduction to Facebook ads and it covers facebook pages, posts and audiences.

And then video 5 of how to sell affiliate products is all about facebook pay-per-click and that's the longest video actually. The one's twenty four minutes and it goes into great detail on how to successfully target your target market using Facebook pay-per-click ads.
If you don't already know, the targeting on Facebook has now become the best targeting known to marketers in the history of mankind! Because people have to give Facebook certain information when they sign up for an account, we can effectively laser-target our marketing and therefore reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of our campaigns.
You can also test ads fairly easily and cheaply so you don't have to spend a lot of money to test and find what's working — you could spend say ten dollars and know by the end of that ten dollars if it's working or not. And you can also run two ads together (or even more) to find which is the most successful.

I've been right through this course, Implemented some of my findings into my existing business and the results I've been getting on Facebook marketing have been good.
I do recommend this course. It is a free course and therefore you can't quibble about the price!! That's for sure — but the content is exceptionally good as well for free courses. I'll be honest, I've paid for courses, you know, $97, $197, that… and this course is better than many of the courses I have paid for.

Anyway, that's enough of my review!
If you want to get the course, the link is on the screen now. Or you'll find the link as well — you can click the link below this video.
It's or, as I say, click the link below this video.
You won't be disappointed — it is a free course and offers exceptional content for a very good — or "No" Price! OK. So simply click the link below this video.
My name is Paul Scoplin