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Published on October 31, 2017
Hello and welcome to video number six.

In this specific video you're going to learn how to make a payment link, and add it to the sales page.

Okay so now what we need to do is simply go to our product and click on Buy Buttons.

Now keep in mind that you must use one of their buy buttons, otherwise your stats are not going to be tracked, and you can see that notice here.

so if you want to use your own buy button, like in this case we have our own buy button here, we're going to have to replace that if we want to use the stats.

It's a trade off, but it's definitely a good trade off because we definitely want to track our statistics.

So go ahead and choose a button, and they've got many, many different buttons as you can see; I think I'm going to stick with this button here.

So basically highlight this, click on copy, and then what I want to do is simply go back here and open this "index.html" file or in other words, my sales page in Kompozer.

So we're going to scroll all the way down to the bottom where my payment button is right now, and so click on it and click Delete.

And what I want to do is just enter some sort of token like "123123" something that you know that does not exist on the sales page, because after you do this, you're going to need to click on Source.

And you're going to notice that you – this is probably going to freak you out but don't get freaked out yet 'cause even though this is code that you may not understand — all you have to do is click on Edit, and Find "123123" and simply highlight this, and right click; paste; click on Save; and there we go, that's it!

So I just showed you a little trick there so you don't need to know html or any type of web editing code.

Simply use that trick to enter the Buy button and click Exit, make sure you Save, and there we go!

So as you can see, not very hard at all to get the Buy button and add it to your sales page. Now in the next video we're going to upload these files to your website.

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