Three Social Media Marketing tips for Nigeria

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Published on October 26, 2017

Social Media Marketing is a great enabler for small businesses globally. At Naija Go Social – we are passionate about working with businesses of all sizes and making them grow using Social Media best practices.

This video shows Grace who owns a boutique business in Lagos city.

Grace used to manage a Facebook page for her boutique but wasn’t getting any sales enquiries. She was keen to grow her business using Social Media, but didn’t know where to start. Here is what we told Grace to do:

Post Regularly : On a Business Page it is important to post regularly, and we are not talking about Selfies! She can post Offers,New Designs, Business Achievements, etc. to engage her audience

Facebook Advertising : Use Facebook Advertising to reach a bigger audience, and it doesn’t cost Millions. With as little as 5000 Naira per month she started getting new business enquiries

Facebook Insights : Once you have invested the money, it is important to see how it worked! Facebook Insights can help understand the demographics of fans and the kind of posts that generated most engagement. This helped Grace improve her campaigns over time

After her success with Facebook, Grace started using Google Plus, Instagram and Twitter which further increased her sales.

Social Media Marketing worked for Grace, it’s enabling millions of small businesses around the world and it can work for yours too!