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Published on January 30, 2018

Wow, what a great NBA game a few Saturdays ago the Warriors vs the Rockets. The Rockets are 19-1 when Chris Paul, James Harden & Clint Capela start.

In sports teams are watching what their competitors are doing 24/7. If a team gets a new player then another team might think they need to make a trade to combat a move. In sports the focus is always to build a championship team. What pieces does a team need to win? What holes can be filled?

Sometimes Ya Need One Man!

tom-brady-michael-jordan competition

In the Digital Marketing world most companies start off by saying how can I make more revenue.  They usually pay little or no attention to what their competitors are doing. Or who is around the corner making strong moves.

So I get a call a few days ago and a company says, ‘I need to beat my competition they are #1 in organic rankings. We can match them in paid easy, but the organic is where they are killing us. If we compete with them in organic we can gain more revenue.’ Someone identifying if they compete they can win, Amazing!

In reality Digital Marketing opportunities through monitoring competition can be a huge benefit! I explain to companies sometimes competitors take your revenue because you are not on top of your Digital Marketing.

Biggest Digital Marketing Gaps Right Now!

  • Video – Not just posting videos, doing Video SEO, creating keyword focussed videos, making videos live, posting videos on multiple sites YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter etc…. In addition embedding videos in your blogs. Lots of work but paramount! With Youtube being the second largest search engine and viewers preferring video over written text it is hyper important that you have a strong video focus. But even larger is that Google and Facebook have changed their algorithms to favor video and especially Live Video.
  • Social Media –  Do you realize Social Media is great for SEO! I have been hired just to optimize Social Media Post for SEO.  Smart companies know how important this is and place a high value on it. Social signals, backlinks, retweets, shares, likes all have been proven to help in SEO. Don’t sleep on this, Social Media SEO Professionals like myself are using keyword density, proximity and stemming as tools for Social Media & SEO success.
  • SEO – Now I shouldn’t even have to say this but I am startled that companies do not focus more on SEO. I get it, good SEO takes 2 to 6 months to happen. But once it’s in place you will be in great shape. I know it’s easy to win with paid ads, but s solid aggressive SEO (Organic) plan is a must. I have seen through my 18 years in Digital Marketing, paid advertising algorithms change (Google Adwords, Bing) and companies revenues drop up to 80%. I have actually seen companies go out of business because of a change in Google Adwords algorithms. Dependency and strong efforts on paid with out even a simple SEO (Organic) plan can potentially be a disaster. I always say you need good paid and organic. It’s like having a football team with a great offense and defense.

offense-defense-in-digital marketing

Make sure you keep an eye on your competition. I guarantee you will Win The Championship!

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