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Published on February 16, 2018

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Derek Doepker is the first guest to come back on the show for a third visit. In Episode 24 we talked about creating a great book marketing strategy for long-term success and some awesome tips on saving money when you self publish, and in Episode 94 we talked about developing a success mindset and some powerful personal development advice for authors and entrepreneurs.

Today, Derek’s going to talk about the new Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ads platform, and how you can use Amazon ads to skyrocket your book sales and earn a great ROI.

Derek first experimented with Product Display Ads around 2014 when Amazon first rolled them out. He rarely made a profit with them. After two months of experimentation, he forgot about them.

Product Display Ads appear on the right-hand side of the screen after the Also Bought section of book listings on Amazon book pages.

In 2016 Amazon Released Sponsored Product Ads. Derek started experimenting with these ads immediately and his first experiments yielded additional book sales for his own books of $3,505 in just under eight weeks.

The difference between Product Display Ads and Sponsored Product Ads is Sponsored Product Ads allow an author to target keywords for their book. Product Display Ads require you to target individual books.

After his first experiments, Derek tried using Product Display Ads with books in other categories and got his students to experiment with them as well.

What he found was Product Display Ads have the potential to be extremely profitable as long as the book you’re advertising converts well already.

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