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Published on February 26, 2018

Saigent is a digital marketing agency based in Miami Florida. Saigent digital marketing agency focuses on ecommerce and retail. Our agency provides retail stores with online marketing and advertising services.

Saigent also provides Amazon marketing services including pay-per-click (PPC) product listing advertising and SEO. Our agency offers more solutions for retailers than your typical digital marketing agency.

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About Saigent:

Saigent is based in Miami, FL. We are a performance based e-commerce retail marketing agency. We develop, scale, increase profit and improve ROI to retail advertising campaigns. We have 17 years of experience in ecommerce retail. We understand and leverage consumer shopping behavior to increase sales. We take your sales goals seriously. We make sure we understand your product, your data and most importantly your audience. Our campaigns are targeted and search intent plays a big role in our keyword selection process. We know what works.

Agency Capabilities:

– E-Commerce Development & Management
– E-Commerce Marketing Strategy
– Product Listing Marketing & Advertising
– Behavioral and Programmatic Advertising
– Search Engine Marketing (PPC, Display Advertising, SEO)
– Social Media Marketing and Advertising
– Content Marketing and Advertising
– Lead Nurturing / Retention Strategy
– CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization
– Purchase Flow Optimization
– Product Data Analysis
– Demand Generation Strategy
– Go-To-Market Strategy

We’re experienced and knowledgeable of all search engines including Google and A9. We’re also experienced and knowledgeable in optimizing third-party channels including Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, Walmart and more.

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Saigent: Digital Marketing Agency Miami

Miami, FL

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