RunCPA At 2016 CoinAgenda Conference | The Future Of Affiliate Marketing

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Published on June 26, 2018 Join now ► Earn up to 50% Lifetime Revenue Shares and withdraw instantly at RunCPA Affiliate Network. We want you to earn more!

RunCPA Representative at the 2016 CoinAgenda Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Conference in Las Vegas, October 25, 2016

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
01:13 – What Is RunCPA
03:04 – Monetize Your Social Power
03:32 – What We Offer For Affiliates?
04:24 – How It Works?
05:56 – RunCPA results
08:05 – Conclusion


Check out a fascinating interview with RunCPA Top Affiliate CoinGecko here:

1. Do you have a website?
I am the co-founder of CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency ranking website.

2. Can you tell us about your traffic sources?
We get most of our traffic from Google and from our list of loyal visitors.

3. Are you buying some traffic for Coingecko?
We do not buy any PPC ads to boost traffic. We get enough organic traffic to sustain operations.

4. How are you making money with RunCPA?
We have a few affiliate links using RunCPA. We promote a cloud mining service and a casino operator on CoinGecko.

5. How to make RunCPA more convenient for making money?
RunCPA is very convenient already for webmasters to monetize their traffic! Of course if there are more offers available that will be much better.

6. If I have only my social profiles, can I make money with my social profiles? How can I develop my social profiles?
To make money on RunCPA, first you will need to have good quality traffic. To have good quality traffic, you will need to have good quality content. You can build a website with content that people want. For social media, you should connect with relevant people in the industry, join and participate in chat/discussion groups, build your profile and gain trust in the industry.

7. How much can you make on RunCPA?
It depends on the type of offers available on RunCPA, the placement of the affiliate links and the traffic that we get for the month.

8. What should we change in RunCPA?
RunCPA is already good. Keep up the good work and continue to add more offers for webmasters to earn money

9. Thank you very much for this interview.
You are welcome.



Skype: margarita.arntholz


RunCPA is a fast-growing Affiliate Network and we have unique competitive advantages:
1. We pay instantly.
2. We pay with bitcoin.
3. We pay per combined actions. Per click, per lead, per sale and lifetime revenue shares.
4. We pay bonuses.
5. We accept all kinds of traffic except fraudulent.
6. Only e-mail required to qualify.
RunCPA is a completely anonymous affiliate network. It is very simple to register and work with – all you need is an email and your BTC wallet.

Our affiliates enjoy:
• 0% bank fees
• Internationally targeted highly profitable offers
• 24/7 support and the best instruments available to work with us
• 8% revenue share for inviting new affiliates

Benefits for advertisers:
• Business owners pay only when they get expected result.
• We have 100% retention rate from our business owners and we know how to move.
• We provide comprehensive consulting in all your projects promotion.
• We use unique Skynet technology to prevent our business owners from fraudulent or motivated traffic.

We monitor exclusive offers around the world. Our offers include cloud bitcoin mining systems, Forex online brokerage, freelance work system, bitcoin exchanges, online games, etc.

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