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Published on June 26, 2018 Join now ► Earn up to 50% Lifetime Revenue Shares and withdraw instantly at RunCPA Affiliate Network. We want you to earn more!

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
00:32 – Customize The Filters
00:58 – Traffic Sources Statistics
01:11 – Traffic vs Income
01:23 – Dynamics
01:47 – Geo Statistics
02:01 – Conversions Page
02:28 – Customize The Filters
03:19 – Verified Conversions Page
03:42 – Conclusion
03:53 – Affiliate Marketing Advice

RunCPA | Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing Using Statistics And Earn More:
Hey guys,
Today we will talk about Statistics page at your RunCPA personal account and how you can improve your Affiliate Marketing using Statistics.
This page contains useful information regarding your affiliate marketing performance. You can customize the Filters to view conversions for every offer and time period. Furthermore, RunCPA has exclusive tool which shows statistics of a single traffic source that you used for promotion.
There is another powerful tool available at your RunCPA personal account which relates to Statistics page. It is called Conversions.
This page gives the same information like the Statistics page, but here you track every individual conversion: every click, revenue share and other conversions. The data of the Conversion page get’s faster than the data of Statistics page. It updates every second here.
Also you can track all conversions for specific TRACK ID parameter. This parameter lets you to track all conversions for every client. It is displayed at the link when the client goes to the offer website. If you know specific TRACK ID then write it to the line and press Enter.
You can download all the generated data to Excel. Press “Download in .csv”. It may be useful if you like to know for example, the exact earned amount of money for one individual conversion.
If you promote an offer which requires verification from affiliate network or advertiser, you should go to the Verified Conversions section. There you will see the status of your conversions. You can choose the type of conversion, offer name or appropriate track id. We inform you that the need to verify conversions will be exactly specified at the offer page.
Ok. That’s all the information about RunCPA Personal Account statistics. We recommend you to use this data, analyze it and optimize your affiliate marketing strategy. If you are new affiliate, choose one offer and stick to promoting that offer for a while before you try something new. Test everything — titles, banners, ad placements or landing pages. Use subID tool and get detailed statistics for all your referral links. Try to maximize sources of traffic to the offer. Don’t depend on one source. Test all channels and optimize their usage. Thus you can expand your affiliate marketing and earn more. And we wish you the best results! Feel free to contact RunCPA Webmasters Lodge and get any help! Best wishes!



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