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Published on July 6, 2018

So being in Traditional Marketing for 35 years, Digital Marketing for over 18 years and Crypto Marketing  I can say with confidence I am a Marketing Guru! I loved what Greg Eaden, a San Francisco-based technologist who invests regularly in ICOs said.

“I think we saw investors get realistic in 2018. In 2017, you could raise millions off a white paper and a team. But you can’t get away with that anymore now. Investors are getting more discerning and I think that the general level of due diligence has gone way up.”

Kool DJ Trent

I remember one of my early marketing accomplishments. I was a DJ/Marketer called Kool DJ Trent. I was a student at the University of Florida and my sophomore year decided to throw a party. I was a total unknown! But all over campus I marketed my party by writing in chalk on the sidewalks. The party was called The Reaganomics Jam. My flyer said Guys 1 Penny and Ladies 1/2 a Penny.  The gimmick of charging a penny and 1/2 a penny was to get people to talk. It worked to perfection.  700 hundred people came to the party and loved it! I was a great marketer, but don’t get it twisted I was a helluva DJ.  I was cutting and scratching behind my back the whole nine yards. The critical part was in between DJing I got key peoples phone numbers, learned the dorm hangouts, interacted with campus socialites and got key fraternity and sorority social chairman information.

So I offered a party at a discount rate (Call To Action) in exchange for contacts (leads) and then called my contacts (nurtured my leads) for future parties. After that one party I never worked on campus nor got student loans again. I became a professional DJ.

Trent The Salesman

Lets not go to ICO or Crypto Marketing yet lets move to me as a salesman. I was a top salesman at electronic stores Brandsmart USA and the former Circuit City. I was also a top salesman at furniture companies City Furniture and Rooms To Go. In all my years of selling which was 25+ my goal was obviously to get a sale, but also in case the customer wasn’t ready to buy, the 2nd goal was to get a lead. In sales we know every customer that comes in will not buy so I usually did one of four things.

  1. Computer Input – I would input all the items the customers were looking for and get a total price for them.  Then I would ask for their name, number, home and email address. I would tell the customer when they came back in everything they were looking for would be in the computer.  They loved it! Great lead, I could call or email them no problem.
  2. Card Form – A customer totally browsing for product or information. They were not ready to buy. I would have them fill out a small index card form with their name, number and email address. I would tell them I will let them know of any sales or new product. Good Lead!
  3. Business Card – Giving a customer your business card without gaining their information was never good. Most likely they would forget the card when they were ready to buy. Plus if they were shopping elsewhere I couldn’t sell them on why it was better to buy from the company or myself because I had no contact info. Not Good.
  4. Customer Walks Out – The customer walks around the whole store, ask questions, shows interest and walks out with out giving their information. Hey it’s a customers prerogative if they want to give their information up. I am not upset but I realized  I had no shot at them to follow up, make a courtesy call, tell them about a sale or  email them just to thank them for coming in….. Just done! Terrible

The history of selling and getting a lead has not changed. You still need to make an attempt to get a customer to take action either buying or getting a lead.

The same thing happens with a website for ICOs. You cannot have a website where you don’t make at least 3 solid attempts  to  get capture a lead. Its getting harder to get an investor with so much competition so you have to make every attempt to try to get their contact information.

What The Hell Trent!
trent partridge -ico marketing WTF Crypto marketer

So What The Hell Is Happening With ICO Marketers?

Anyone who is in marketing knows that you have to capture leads and make multiple attempts to get some sort of contact info. Advertising Agencies, Digital Marketing companies and Traditional Marketing business understand this clearly. I even gave you two great examples of how I used lead generation and lead nurturing as a DJ and a successful salesman.

When writing content on a website you have to incorporate some selling copy. You can’t just inform potential clients or investors and hope they take action on their own and contact you later. You gotta push the envelope, think outside the box to get investors. You cannot do a video and never ask the person one time to join, buy, follow, recommend or create an account.  People do not buy or take action immediately so you have to guide them to take action. You have to have a solid plan for lead generation, lead capture and lead nurturing. So why do ICO Marketers let their clients offer coins/tokens without any other means of capturing a lead.

Imagine Yourself Walking In a Store:

  • No One Ask You For Help
  • No One Explains Anything
  • No Serious Rewards are Given
  • No Discount is Offered Different From Anyone Else
  • No One Offers You Anything to Take Where You Leave Information
  • No Special Exclusive Presentation That You Can Sign Up For
  • No Sales Pitch Just an Encyclopedia of Information
  • No Call To Action (CTA) To Get You to Sign Up For Something
  • A Video That Gives You Great Information But Doesn’t Tell You What to do Next
  • No One Makes an Offer!
  • And You Leave with a Whitepaper or Lightpaper

WTF type of Marketing is that? Guys its pure BS and not fair to the ICO customer.

Trent This is Not Good!
Ico Marketing Trent Partridge Crypto Marketing

  1. Downloadable Whitepaper or Lightpaper – Lead Capture, Selling Copy, Call To Action
  2. Roadmap -No Lead Capture, No Selling Copy, No Call To Action
  3. Advisors – No Lead Capture, No Selling Copy, No Call To Action
  4. Partners – No Lead Capture, No Selling Copy, No Call To Action
  5. Tokens/Coins – Lead Capture, Light Selling Copy, Call To Action
  6. Contact – Lead Capture, No Selling Copy No Call To Action
  7. Video – No Lead Capture, No Selling Copy, No Call To Action
  8. About – No Lead Capture, No Selling Copy, No Call To Action

Are you trying to tell me 7 of the above you cannot write copy to try to get a lead. You have to make an attempt at least. Usually this is a 1 page website which seems cool but in the long run isn’t good. I am not going to get into SEO and why if you are in business you want as many optimized pages as possible. Write 20 pages about your ICO and I guarantee you will have a higher chance of getting an investor.

You Cannot Spend Your Advertising Dollars On:

  • Crypto Websites
  • ICO Listings
  • Press Releases
  • Influencers
  • Post In Forums
  • RON
  • Email Campaigns
  • Buying Telegram Followers
  • Looking For Whales
  • Promoting Airdrops, Faucets, Bounties
  • Speaking At Conferences

And have 1 or 2 calls to action that is insane!

Trent Ugggggh!
ico marketing Trent Partridge Crypto marketerAm I wrong? Is it the crypto companies fault and not the ICO Marketer? Or do crypto companies assume you are knowledgeable about all aspects of marketing because in your title ICO Marketer, marketing is in it. Hey maybe I am wrong its not the ICO guys. But I know one damn thing for sure I am 1000% correct on capturing and nurturing leads for ICOs. I don’t think every effort is made to capture that investor.

Now maybe you have a few websites. That can help in a unique way. Multiple websites with different messages and copy to attract niche investors can work. Using Marketing Intelligence based on accumulated data, analytics and A/B testing can create highly targeted opportunities. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I am not saying that this is the new ICO Model (no way) but I have been involved in that type of marketing in not only crypto but multiple industries.

Look guys I just want every crypto business to maximize every opportunity they have. I want the crypto space to win big time! But we do need solid consulting, thought leadership, creativity and experienced marketing minds to work together. Don’t mess up crypto and I have to start DJing again. I can’t take the late nights anymore.

Need help with your Crypto Marketing Strategy contact me at trentpart( @ )gmail

Have a Great Day!

Trent Partridge

Trent Partridge