Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam

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Published on July 8, 2018

Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam

The Super Affiliate Network was created by Misha Wilson and starts off with a bootcamp teaching you how to promote the Super Affiliate Network itself.

What the Super Affiliate Network does is gather together all the tools you need to do affiliate marketing successfully. Instead of you having to create all of these things yourself from scratch, the Super Affiliate Network shortcuts most of this by providing you with these tools all ready to go.

There is a big focus here on solo ads and email marketing, which can be lucrative in time. But an affiliate marketer really needs to establish some other foundations – such as a website with quality content within their chosen niche – to really help develop an email list and a trusted audience.

You can also become an affiliate of the Super Affiliate Network, receiving up to 100% commissions on some of the training programs the system offers for sale.

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