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Published on July 8, 2018

40% Bonus in their Presale:

Mavin network ICO, a reward based influencer marketing ecosystem on the blockchain. Mavin connects everybody with brands and companies to become a valuable influencer through social media. The system is not limited to famous people being influencers. Ordinary people can also become valuable micro or nano influencers for key markets and they can participate in the marketing budget spend by getting paid for social media mentions daily. Mavin users are rewarded instantly in crypto for their efforts on the platform, and there is no minimum withdrawal amount required before they can receive a payout, or any other limitations, your earnings are there to access.

The platforms for social influencers to target through the mavin network include instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, snapchat and twitch. And these platform-related rollouts will be released in that order and the timing of the releases will depend on the results of the crowdsale. The Prototype reward and scoring system and the verification framework is set to come out in January 2018 with the Beta application ready in July. Instagram will be the primary launch platform of Mavin and because it has been the fastest growing social media platform since 2011 with more than 700 million users.
The team behind mavin network consists mainly of IT specialist with relevant experience in the industry. CEO Daniel Jazbec has extensive experience in the financial industry and marketing sector, and a former COO in asset management. Giovanni Toma is a full stack developer with over 20 years software experience and blockchain expert and Roman Balzan the CMO and communication lead is an X googler thriving on topic connected to decentralized app solutions.

Mavin Network is have a tokensale to start utilizing this blockchain technology, so lets break down the ICO details. Out of a total of 4 billion MVN tokens, 60% of them are distributed for the ICO participants. 18% are retained by the Mavin team, 20% are retained for the influencer reward pool to incentivize participation in the platform, and 2% remain for partners and bounties. 1 Ether gets you 30,000 MVN Tokens, and They’ve created a soft cap of 2500 ETH with a hard cap of 80,000 Ether.

There Are a few ways to earn bonus tokens through Mavin network. If you contribute in the ICO before the second soft cap of 20,000 is reached there is a 10% token bonus for all those first participants. Also, 50% of the unsold tokens will be distributed between all the participants of the ICO, and a final bonus for people who email and ask to be on the pre-ico whitelist with all the details for these bonuses in the whitepaper. It’s Interesting to have 3 different kinds of bonus plans attached to the ICO offering and if you want to learn more about the project check out
A lot of us are already sharing our lives And products we love throughout social media for free, so why not get paid for it? Seems fair to me as long as people don’t cross limits and turn social sharing into spam. It could be an effective method of getting advertising in front of social media users via your social peers rather than traditional paid advertising. Leave your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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