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Published on July 10, 2018

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How does the process work?

1. We constantly monitor the web for viral content relevant to your target audience

2. We take that content and brand the link structure to match your domain i.e.

3. The content is embedded with retargeting pixels so anyone that clicks through to the content can be retargeted with your ads, which we set up (You set budget)

4. We also add a really cool call to action button on the page of the content to increase conversions

5. We boost the content using Facebook advertising and our custom audiences we develop in-house to reach potential investors, customers, etc. (You set budget)

6. We will also post the content to your twitter profile to increase exposure

7. All link clicks, impressions, new likes, followers, etc. is tracked and reported back to you

8. Our team is constantly monitoring and adjusting your campaign (targeting, copy, design, etc.) to improve performance