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Published on September 10, 2018

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Gregory has lived and worked in 50 countries and continues to help others along the path of self-fulfillment through exploration. Gregory’s books, Brand Identity Breakthrough and Travel As Transformation, are Amazon bestsellers, and his company Identity Publications helps authors grow their business with books, videos, and courses.

Gregory published Brand Identity Breakthrough 10 months ago. Initially, he paid someone $5,000 to help him create the book and market it on Amazon. She took his money and did very little of what she promised him she would. That’s when he decided to approach as if someone hired him to create and promote his book.

That mindset shift allowed him to come up with a marketing plan as he created the book.


When Gregory Published Brand Identity Breakthrough he was an unknown author. The first thing he did to market the book was recruit a team of beta readers.

He realized he needed beta readers because he has a unique writing style that readers either love or hate, and he didn’t want any bad reviews as a new author to negatively impact his success.

He built his team by going to people he already knew and by recruiting from business forums. He gave his beta readers credit in his book as well as sharing with them the process he went through to create and publish the book

His beta readers really helped him clarify and organize his message so that it would be better understood by his target audience.

“A finished book is more than the ingredients that go into it, it’s the way things are arranged as well.” — Gregory Diehl

Gregory got the book to #1 in Amazon’s Public Relations category by putting it on preorder on Amazon and pricing it at 99 cents.

He used his beta readers as his street team and got them to order and review the book. Then he sent a link to his preorder page to any blogger or podcaster who might like the book.

Being ranked #1 in Public Relations on Amazon on the day of launch really helped the book find a bigger audience.


1. Who is your target audience? What are they looking for? People interested in business and nonfiction how- to books are going to expect a very different type of cover than say a romance or sciencn fiction reader.

2. Are there any common elements in the book covers of the top selling books in your category? How can you emulate them?

3. What images might provoke a reader to click on a book cover when browsing amazon?


Over the last 10 months Gregory has done a lot of tweaking to make sure his book packaging was optimized for sales.

When he first published Brand Identity Breakthrough Gregory went with the cover provided by the woman he spent $5,000 on. The cover wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either.

After two months selling on Amazon he paid a team of graphic designers to come up with 6 different color schemes for the cover. And he manually uploaded a different cover every week. He left everything else the same and found that the red book cover he designed far outperformed his other options.


1. Start with a good product. Gregory did everything he could to be sure he was releasing a good product on the market. He recruited beta readers, clarified his message, and reorganized his material so that it made sense. Producing a quality product is the most important thing you can do as an author. A good product is your best marketing tool.

2. Establish a baseline. Gregory waited two months after his book went on sale before changing anything. This allowed him to develop a decent baseline to measure against.

3. Change one thing about your sales page and book packaging. If you try to change more than one thing, you won’t understand which change you made affected your sales.

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